Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Original BBQ Potato Chips (6 pack x 40g)

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The perfect chips to snack on with your friends and families. Perfect for gatherings or even office pantry!

The perfect chips to snack on with your friends and families. Perfect for gatherings or even office pantry!

*Contains JIM BEAM Kentucky Bourbon*
– No added MSG
– No artificial colours / flavours
– Gluten Free
– Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

*Contains less than 0.004% of JIM BEAM Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

More Information
Weight (kg) 0.5000
Video URL N/A
Recommended No
Seller Promotion N/A
Warranty Policy N/A
Width (cm) 10
Length (cm) 10
Height (cm) 10
Package Contents

JIM BEAM Bourbon Whiskey Original BBQ Potato Chips 40G - Bundle of 6

Hazmat N/A
Colour Family N/A
Brand Jim Beam
Barcode (EAN) N/A
Warranty Period N/A
Warranty Type No Warranty
Bedding Size N/A
Formulation N/A
Makeup Formulation N/A
Hair Oil Ingredient N/A
Hair Dye Type N/A
Formulation Hair Colour N/A
Supplement Ingredient N/A
Supplement Formulation N/A
Days of Supply N/A
Skin Concerns N/A
Waterproof N/A
SPF Rating N/A
Face Makeup Formulation N/A
Hair Removal Formulation N/A
Hand Foot Care Formulation N/A
Soap Shower Foam Formulation N/A
Body Scrub Formulation N/A
Travel Size N/A
Hand or Foot Concerns N/A
Pack Type N/A
Country of Origin N/A
Bundle Type N/A
Skin Benefits N/A
Units in Pack N/A
Colour (Health & Beauty) N/A
Fragrance Family Not Specified
Toothbrush Bristle Type N/A
Oral Care Concerns N/A
Sanitary Pad Wings No
Sanitary Pad Scent N/A
Sanitary Pad Flow Level N/A
Contact Lens Type N/A
Lenses Optical Power N/A
Deodorant Formulation N/A
Grapes (White wine) N/A
Skin Care Formulation N/A
Makeup Remover Formulation N/A
Lipstick Finish N/A
Lips Makeup Benefits N/A
Powder Makeup Formulation N/A
Foundation Coverage N/A
Makeup Skin Tone N/A
Face Makeup Benefits N/A
Mascara Benefits N/A
Eyes Makeup Finish N/A
Eyes Makeup Formulation N/A
Power Supply Type N/A
Size Not Specified
Finish N/A
Finish N/A
Outer Material N/A
Outer Material N/A
Weight Capacity (kg) N/A
Battery Type N/A
Swimwear Type N/A
Storage Capacity N/A
Wattage (W) N/A
Power Consumption (W) N/A
OS Compatibility N/A
Surround Sound Channel N/A
Material N/A
Input Voltage (V) N/A
Frame Rate (fps) N/A
Fan Speed (RPM) N/A
Display Size (Inch) N/A
Capacity (litres) N/A
Cable Length (m) N/A
Rum Type N/A
Vintage (Year of Production) N/A
Grapes (Red Wine) N/A
Wine Body N/A
Country of Origin (Wine) N/A
Is Organic No
Grapes (Finest Wine) N/A
Food Pairing N/A
Wine Rating N/A
Whisky Type N/A
Whisky Style N/A
Tequila Type N/A
Gin Type N/A
Cognac Type N/A
Limited Edition No
Sprit Age N/A
Alcohol Percentage N/A
Product Volume (ml) N/A
Number of Bottles N/A
Glass Type N/A
Volume (ml) N/A
Volume (l) N/A
Wattage (W) N/A
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