Japanese Tea Shizuoka Sencha and Genmai-cha Tea Bag

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Genmaicha Tea Bag: Featuring the Roasted Aroma of Brown Popped Rice. Genmaicha is a tea made by blending popped rice roasted in high pressure with Bancha or Sencha. You can enjoy the great match of roasted aroma of the popped rice and tea.

Sencha Tea Bag: "Simply served without a pot ""Sencha"" is the most popular Japanese tea and is approximately 85% of tea distributed in the market. Finer product has a better flavor and aroma. ""Fukamushicha"" is a tea with a milder flavor that cuts down on bitterness th

1 x Japanese Tea Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bag (2g x 50) + $0.00 1 x Japanese Tea Shizuoka Genmai-cha Tea Bag (2g x 50) + $0.00

Fuji-san Sodachi Shizuoka Cha are blended with other tea leaves that have been selected from 11 parts of areas of production in Shizuoka. In addition, they are used more higher quality leaves than Fuji-san Sodachi Shizuoka Cha Sakura Mark.

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Recommended No
Width (cm) 4.7
Length (cm) 6.6
Height (cm) 6
Package Contents 1x Japanese Tea Shizuoka Sencha and Genmai-cha Tea Bag Combo
Brand JA Shizuoka Keizairen
Warranty Type No Warranty
Is Organic No
Limited Edition No
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